Барсы за барса. Анджей Баргель

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Hey. I am Andrzej Bargel A few years ago, I received the title “Snow Leopard” Сlimbers who have conquered five mountain peaks above 7000 km above sea level receive this title in the countries of the former USSR Every year on October 23 we celebrate the international day of the snow leopard I don ‘t want only the name left of snow bars in the future Snow leopards are on the verge of extinction. Recently, I was on Mount Everest, but I could not even go down the slope on skis. The reason for this is global warming. Glaciers are melting. Cracks appear in the ice sheet. It is dangerous for humans and animals. About 4,000 snow leopards remained in the world And these animals are threatened by man. Poaching is a direct threat to the snow leopard And climate change is an indirect reason Because it destroys the habitat of the snow leopard In the Himalayas snow leopards can lose up to 30% of the territories in which they live. Today I am primarily a Snow Leopard because we celebrate the snow leopard holiday. Help the snow leopard, stop global warming – change your habits. Only in this way we will save these amazing animals. Let’s take care of our planet, because without animals and nature we will not survive About 4,000 snow leopards remained in the world Perhaps the longest-term threat to snow leopards is climate change Each of us can help stop climate change.

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  1. Продолжаем рассказывать о барсах среди нас. И о том, что каждый из нас может сделать для этих величественных и скрытных кошек.

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